Short video series: What zero waste cities look like in Europe & Asia-Pacific

We are excited to announce the launch of our short video series showcasing Jack McQuibban (Zero Waste Europe Cities & Communities Coordinator) and Froilan Grate (Asia Pacific Regional Coordinator & Executive Director at GAIA Philippines) sitting down to discuss zero waste cities.

 We will launch the videos over 4 weeks, launching every Monday. The plan is as follows:

1.    Monday 27th Jan: Why cities and communities play such an important role in the transition to a zero waste resource efficient future

2.    Monday 3rd Feb: What zero waste cities look like in Europe & Asia-Pacific

3.    Monday 10th Feb: Examples of cities successfully implementing zero waste policies in Europe & Asia-Pacific

4.    Monday 17th Feb: What advice would you give to municipalities looking to begin implementing a zero waste strategy

Thank you all in advance, and watch out for the first video next week!

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