The Future of Water in Wellington

Come along to Zealandia to celebrate World Water Day and join the conversation about the ways we can care for, preserve and protect our most precious resource: water.

As the Wellington region continues to grow our ageing infrastructure is put under increased pressure, and the impacts on fresh and coastal waters have been well documented. With growing awareness of these issues, it’s time to consider what the future of our water might look like.

This future need not follow the approaches of the past. Together we can seek opportunities for businesses and communities to reconnect with our precious water systems, and consider how we can all contribute to its mauri, its life-force, its wellbeing.

We need to take a values-based approach – connecting our values, what we think matters most, with water. Together we can ensure our decisions today, will improve the state of our water tomorrow. This opens an exciting space for discussion and collaboration on potential solutions.

What is the Future of Water in Wellington?
What are we doing already?
What can we collectively do better?
How can industry create influence and impact to drive change?


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